New trends/styles for 2010

I found this over honda-tech. Yes they so big, and they change and make styles for years. Check the post here, I really recommend to read it:


The best reply for me:

Arthas said:

Heres what I believe 2010 will bring for us.

-Aggressive wire tucks
-J swap goes up x2
-K swap remains the same
-B swap goes down
-More K series aftermarket support
-More J series aftermarket support
-eBay turbo kits will continue selling like hot cakes
-Chase Mcmaster will reduce shipping time to 6 months

-EF and EG restorations.
-More OEM styled mods.
-Offset will SLIGHTLY die down to at least the +teens
-fgts will continue ruing their cars to be different
-Sticker patters on hoods and lips will increase in popularity
-EK Squad will continue selling their cars for S2000’s.
-EG’s and EK’s will be sold for S2000’s
-A/C section will be filled with S2000 show off threads
-Fanboys will get their hands on S2000’s and fck them up.
-Arthas will become super admin
-7th gen will continue being unpopular.
-More RSX/TSX and TL show off threads
-S2000, RSX, and TSX theft will rise.
-EM1 restorations

And this ones:

What do you think guys? What is the next?

About me? Yes, I’d like to change my EG for and S2000.

One thought on “New trends/styles for 2010

  1. I had this same discussion with one of my first who owns a honda and we agree 100% on the engine section except for the last comment on it.

    The car section is pretty funny, but true on some of them


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