A31 Cefiro

Sometimes we are always focused on Silvia’s, AE86’s and Sky’s… And we forget about the drift sedans like Chaser’s, Laurel’s and Cefiro’s. Which is the case today.

I’m featuring a member of driftworks forums. But he isn’t a briton. He’s from NZ and his Cefiro is awesome at least for me.


11 thoughts on “A31 Cefiro

  1. Que bonito ese A31, un acierto esas llantas dando un guiño al VIP style (critico artistico mode enabled xDD)

    Yo cuando empece a ver videos de la D1 me enamore de este carro, aquel A31 de Haruyama simplemente alucinante, el sonido de un rb o un jz le queda como anillo al dedo.


  2. This is my ride, yeah i took it slidding in december last year, was very hard to slide it with a worn diff. After that day i shimmed up the diff put new oil in her and she is all good now. At the moment i am trying to find a few new rims, sort me a lock diff and get to as many motorsport nz days as possible. Cheers for the comment on the noise it makes, i would love to here it, all i have of it is some footage of me on a short street not sure if this link will work though


    try that boys cheers

    1. Someone just showed me this cos my cef is the white one next to it in the Nats photos – well done, not many nice cefs in NZ these days! 🙂

      1. Yeah cheers.. been a bit of a long track but good to have it pretty much done and where i want it now… yeah i seen yours there not to bad either there i must say. Haha good to see a female has good taste in cars and style

  3. I have some footage of this car drifting.. the driver is still learning but the sound that this car makes is absolutely amazing… will try to find it for you


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