He put it in Work’s

Another awesome AE86 we got here. Long time since last I posted. I was focused in Nissan this month.

But today is the first spanish AE86 I gonna post. Why? Because we have a lack of them.

That hachi suffered a big restoration before look like now is looking, and owner now feels very proud of his corolla, me too bro, good job done! That car has benn perfectly executed, from rims, body colour to rear arches and wingless. And we know Work is the quality made rims.

Thanks to Ayocab user of http://www.islaracing.es for the pictures I hope to get more form you.

4 thoughts on “He put it in Work’s

  1. enorabuena por el trabajo realizado en el blog taka, la verdad que te lo estas currando. Espero esto siga para delante, Gracias de nuevo.


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