Rice, JDM and Hellaflushers…

Yesterday in my way to home after leave the job I was thinking in this last 10 years. I remember when we used to like F&F spending our time getting photos from Hot Import Nights, and cars with big vinyls and funny spoilers.

Later on, starts the “JDM” movement. Yes, is not true, is USDM movement. USDM movement is complete different than JDM. Only cars from japan as you well know are JDM, the style of that cars is completly different, is just a car for racing.

Most of USDM cars or even EDM cars you can find in Europe and US are not JDM cars, don’t get confused yourself. USDM is about fit brands, brands and more brands. Takata, Recaro, Spoon and company. No matter if something is better or worst. Is not about to find the more effective way to win.

Notice than even today, red rims with chrome lip are ricers

Right now this tendency are being forgotten. Not 100% of course but they don’t have the same big scene than before when everything was JDM.

Now everything is about the stance and the wheel fitment. This style is getting call Hellaflush like you are reading most of people saying “Oh, so hellaflush!!”

I’m not against the hellaflush style, I love it, I really do. But for me, and I hope i’m wrong hellaflushers is gonna be after or before like now we are watching the “ricers days”.

I want to be wrong belive it for sure. Because I love this tendency, people is getting mad with wheel fitment, stickers, roof racks, wonderful body colours… and each day better cars are showing up.

But JDM, the real JDM always gonna be there. This is not a tendency. Is about to get a simple, fast, and ready to race car.

So lets see what we have for next years.

13 thoughts on “Rice, JDM and Hellaflushers…

  1. I have been reading this blog for quite sometime now, and this is my first comment. I would like to tell you that I enjoy reading this blog, and that I love thought provoking articles like this!

  2. Frankie ser un Hellaflushero yo lo comparo con ser un modernito madrileño.

    Llevan cosas cool de colorines que estan a la ultima para llamar la atecion, pero a pocos realmete les gusta y cuando venga una moda aun mas grade que esa, abandonaran esta ultima sin ningun miramiento.

    HF mola pero no es mas que pura apariencia y en ocasiones esta falta de personalidad y de moditas me pone un poco “nervous”

  3. fantastic post.

    one thing that i hate in the “scene” of older cars is when people jump off their 350z, S13/14, evo, etc., pick up a classic and build it the exact same way anyone would build a newer car. pick up a catalogue, order the brand name parts and call it a day. my favorite example of this is the blue 510 some dude built. SR20 swap, bride seats, takata harnesses, defi gauges, work meisters, greddy and HKS parts, etc…

    my favorite thing about my car is having to find a part that’s been out of production for a couple of decades. it’s all about the thrill of the hunt for me.

  4. A lot of people in this new Hella Flush phase are just trend hopping. It is the new hotness in 2010. I do admit it is a fresh idea. The concept of it does take a lot of time and dedication but I feel like people are buying the most expensive rims and the lowest offsets to just post in a forum and brag about it….. After you do that its on to the next car and your five minutes of fame is done. This is what makes things so stagnant and repetative…

    Doesn’t anyone remember the whole sports compact scene blwoing up thanks to these horrible looking ugly body kits? I always thought even when I was 8 or 9 years old that a stock Japanese TYPE R Integra looked way better than what they were doing out here at the time during the late 90s. You are correct what ever happened to building the car for yourself? People do still do it but its not always the case.

    I’m sticking to doing things so subtle. I feel like that should be the way it is.

    I respect people that build and do things for themselves no one else.

    My real pet peeve is the so called “JDM trend.” I’m sick and tired of Hondas with Taiwanese foglights and the beginner badge and elder badge thinking its so “JDM.” The interpretation of JDM in America apparently got so lost in translation….

    1. your so right. jdm is all wrong in the us. they just dont get it. the real jdm oozes the true tunning spirit and the style if the owner, not the trend by its rules, the real jdm constantly breaks the rules while looking right

  5. I think that the best cars are built with no specific style. Just look at the VW scene with the slam & stretch, and the Shakotan cars. To me hellaflush is these two old school styles mixed with our desire to look cool. I respect every style, except rice.

  6. The JDM trend hasn’t died. People just found something that they like more, but there are still some dedicated JDM people out there. I don’t think JDM will go out, its too clean of a look and Hellaflush will eventually gonna become a seen. The dedicated Flushers will stay and others will move on.

  7. Pues se trata basicamente de llevar pegatinas de colores por los cristales en tamaños y letras diferentes, colores llamativos por asi decirlo, llantas super anchas con gargantas alucinantes y bueno no se mas cosas en fotos es como mejor se aprende. Pasa por Hellaflush y veras.

  8. Donde este un buen JDM style que se quite todo lo demas!
    Only for race dude!

    Aunque yo se que eres muy USDM y sus estilos!
    Que mola, pero JDM FTW!!


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