Civic EJ8

Another awesome car I found from Spain. Basically is a Civic coupe. The well known 1.6 125cv is under the hood. I have no idea about mods. This yellow is close to be a perfect colour for coupe. Maybe another rear taillight would be better. I have said.

4 thoughts on “Civic EJ8

  1. Yea def. a nice color, but I wouldn’t stop at just the tails. Add CTR headligts, OEM Tailslights, one color wheels(no shiny lip), and to finish it off a Type R rear lip… done (^__^)

  2. Muy chulo!! mucho mas bonito que en blanco y mas original!!

    Takataka que tienes cada dos por tres el blog en construccion!
    Cambia mas que mortadelo de disfrazes!

    Saludos 😀


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