I got it

Today I can write properly. Yesterday I was confused. Was the first day I had and Skyline. For me was like a dream came true.

In May 2009, was thinking to buy a house in my country Spain. One day my girlfriend asked me: Why we don’t move abroad? We had spoken about this long time ago. We were thinking to US, but visa was big problem…Australia was about the same, then is easy was move to UK. For me was the great idea of the year. UK a land plenty of JDM cars, easy to import and easy to put them as road legal.

Not only is good because they are easy to put on the road, if not because is way to put them legal in Spain appyling for register of the car as “Change of residence”.

That was clear, then I had to choice one car. Was very difficult to choice one. I was thinking to buy FD3S, R32, R34, S15, S2K and almost every JDM car we have play in GT from 20 years ago…I became mad for some weeks…

Like couldn’t afford a R34 GTR and don’t really like R33, I decided to go for R32…

At the begining I tried to get GTR, but my budget wasn’t enough and then I move to GTS-T. I took the car from www.japaneseusedcars.com Ress was helping me every day and everything was easy, to pay and to buy. Maybe one day I will repeat.

Today I drove the car for a while and is very very very fast, love how it feels, I start to love her from the first day… I foresee good future…

6 thoughts on “I got it

  1. yea i know, but one of the administrators on the website I was on told me to talk to Reese and ask for money 😦
    I didn’t want to.. but i did, good thing he couldnt give us any!! lol

    When I get enough money (maybe after college) I’m going to buy a car from him and ship it to my home in the Dominican Republic.

  2. congratulations! i love japaneseusedcars.com
    i’ve talked to Reese before. Hes a nice guy.
    …no i didnt buy anything, just asking him for sponsoring a drift forum im on

    btw i found those videos of the 4-door r32 gtr with n/a rb26

    1. for what?? Now you can trust in them. You pay a car and you will get a car… Serious business with that people, i will repeat for next time for sure


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