Another RB26 N/A

I want to research how these RB26 N/A works…RB25DE + RB26 head?? RB26 block + RB25DE pistons + RB26 head??

10 thoughts on “Another RB26 N/A

  1. Just thought this was an awesome engine, so I did a little research:
    Autech Nissan Skyline 26 R32 4
    Non-turbo 4 door Skyline with an RB26DE engine. 188 Units were produced all with automatic transmission and all in the same colour (paint code JK0).

    Sold for more than twice as much as the GTS-t (Type M) of the time but with less power.

    Power: 220ps (164kw) at 6600rpm
    Torque: 25.0kg/m (245Nm) at 5200rpm
    Bore x stroke: 86×73.7mm
    Displacement: 2568cc
    Compression ratio: 10.5:1

  2. im not really sure why Nissan did that, but im guessing its because they wanted to make a family-oriented car that can be taken out for a joyride on sundays… a 4-door GTR.. but since they didn’t expect “family people” to want to deal with turbos (replacing, maintaining, whatever) they made made the N/A RB26. They didn’t take off the turbos from a RB26dett, they just made another engine.. RB26DE
    ..but thats just my guess lol

  3. I think there were some R32s that came with N/A RB26
    i remember watching an old video of a 4-door R32 GTR, which had an N/A RB26
    if I find it again I’ll tell you

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