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With the new Prius pulling hard in the VIP scene and most important with the new Honda CR-Z. Hybrid powered cars has reached a new level of popularity. Hybrid cars are the closest future and most of the most important tuners are working in them.

Honda CR-Z is the first 3 door and almost coupe, I said coupe because I am not to sure about it, maybe is hatch car, anyway is new Honda car for young buyers presented as an hybrid. And the car looks very nice with some remains to the old CRX.

There is no Civic 8th hatch in US and in Europe has not big followers. Then the new CR-Z can get a big gap in the market. How japanse users work with the car and how they accept the car will be the key for the success of the model.

Most of the big manufacturers got his CR-Z ready with many accesories. Lamentably not to many of them are to increase the power and 122bhp looks poor for our days.

Anyway here there are good examples, my favorite is the Spoon one. The combo white and blue is awesome.


Bueno creo que todavía no hacen envíos al extranjero, pero si la gente insiste seguro que pronto podemos conseguir algunas camisetas. Desde luego en cuanto pueda intentare conseguir una porque son de lo mejor que me puedo para regalar para mi cumpleaños. Shatsu

El diseño es fantástico y entre mis favoritas sin duda destacan estas:

Por cierto esa esta agotada evidentemente. Una camiseta con un TE71 old school no podía durar mucho en stock.

El proyecto llamado Shatsu viene de la mano de los chicos de 86ers. Por cierto, no te asustes el blog es un grupo de la República Checa. Tienen traductor al Ingles en la izquierda que funciona bastante bien. Os recomiendo que visitéis la pagina a menudo.

Dozens dead in twin blasts on Moscow metro

Two female suicide bombers blew themselves up Monday on trains on Moscow’s metro system, killing at least 34 people during morning rush-hour, emergency workers and prosecutors said.

The first explosion took place on a train after it had stopped in the Lubyanka station in central Moscow, close to the headquarters of Russia’s FSB security service, a spokeswoman for the Russian emergencies ministry told AFP.

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Very bad news again about terrorism…