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Hi readers, how is going?

A couple of weekends ago we went to Valencia to cover two events, one was the Massanassa Tuning Expo and the other one, way more important, was the Nissan GT-R/Fairlady Z National Meeting, organised by NissanRC.


We had lots of fun, and very very cool cars, I had the opportunity to ”test” an Skyline and a Supra, both were amazing, simply amazing.

This post is about that Skyline, owned by Emilio, a guy from Canary Islands and currently living in Sevilla. Coming to Valencia is such an adventure with that car.


From the exterior to the interior, including the mechanics, this car is just a masterpiece.


The car is a Nissan Skyline, R33 Generation, but don’t trust the badge and the aero, this car is actually a GTS-T, but we prefer to call it GTS-R.


Emilio have been owning this baby for 7 years now, and he didn’t lose the time, he built his car with lot of love and good taste, pics talk for theirself. The car slept in the streets of Kurashiki, in the prefecture of Okayama.

Featuring a full and original GT-R aero, the car sits on some VOLK RAYS TE37 specially made for him.


VOLK RAYS TE37 in 18×10.5, using Toyo Proxes T1 Sport  (265/35/18)

Talking about the engine, we can find an RB25 which pushes 320bhp. A good number of horsepower with at least 200kg less than the GT-R, so its fast.


Here you can see it with a friend.


I really liked this car, im not a fan of the 33 Gen. Skylines, but this one looked very very good, the amount of attention and detail from Emilio made it unique, you can even find an original flare, which Nissan sold it as an extra, hard to find!

That is it guys, you can find the rest of the pictures in the FACEBOOK Page!

Nara Street Meeting -Hari Terrace- Part 2

Finally I had sometime for spending free in the blog. There was still in the to do list to post the second part of the Nara Street Car Meeting. Here there are a series of around 30 photos. I also have to say that unfortunately I couldn’t took pictures of all the noticeable cars on during the night as Hari Terrace HRS counted more than 500 cars in the meeting. So this is just a sample of what can you spot in the Kansai area.

_MG_3168 copia

As the main intention of the meeting was to mix all car styles. The were some real JDM tuners that showed up for fun night as this DC2.

_MG_3162 copia

_MG_3158 copia

If you are used to read in blogs or even here, the main focus of tuners now is on the USDM scene so there were many example of this trend. But also notice that it maybe a kind of evolution of the traditional USDM with a Japanese taste.

_MG_3155 copia

This Toyota Chaser was one of the cars that much more impressed me. I believe the paint is VW Color probably from the VW Transporter VI. Yellow tinted headlights and many aero parts attached.

_MG_3154 copia

_MG_3183 copia

_MG_3184 copia

I was followed for this Rocket Bunny equipped GT86 from Nara until the meeting, is very cool to spot RB GT86 on the road.

_MG_3176 copia

_MG_3195 copia

_MG_3194 copia

_MG_3189 copia

Kubo San ER34, probably one the most well know ER34 in the internet.

_MG_3191 copia

_MG_3196 copia

_MG_3202 copia

Of course police came to the place but there were no alterations and no incidents so just checking what’s up. There were no problems during the whole night.

_MG_3201 copia

_MG_3206 copia

_MG_3208 copia

_MG_3210 copia

_MG_3212 copia

_MG_3214 copia

_MG_3188 copia

_MG_3217 copia

_MG_3219 copia

_MG_3221 copia

_MG_3224 copia

_MG_3230 copia

_MG_3226 copia

_MG_3232 copia

_MG_3233 copia

_MG_3249 copia

That blue Civic was also one of my favorites. Probably second in the list after the Grey Chaser.

_MG_3234 copia

_MG_3236 copia

_MG_3241 copia

_MG_3254 copia

_MG_3253 copia

_MG_3256 copia

_MG_3259 copia

_MG_3169 copia

That was everything folks. I promise more photos of great cars soon. Remember to follow us on FACEBOOK

Nara Street Meeting -Hari Terrace- Part 1

The past Saturday I decided to head road to Nara to reach the Hari Inter parking which is located around 20 kilometers away of the city full of temples and bamboo’s. The trip from Kyoto takes around one hour and a half so I couldn’t miss the chance.

When I reached the place I was very surprised, the parking was full, full of awesome cars of all kind of styles. Maybe the most popular now is the USDM but is very common to spot real JDM cars and classics at any meeting. And as read in the Hari TRS webpage there were a total amount of 510 cars from 9pm to 1am approximately.

I couldn’t even be able to take pictures of all the cars that called my attention during the night but will make a couple of post to post as many photos as I will be able to do.

Here to start.

_MG_3116 copia

_MG_3117 copia

_MG_3121 copia

_MG_3123 copia

_MG_3124 copia

_MG_3125 copia

_MG_3127 copia

_MG_3128 copia

_MG_3129 copia


This was very rare. Hyundai has no market in Japan so spotting this Genesis was very nice. I think they still need more support from lovers instead of haters.

_MG_3130 copia

_MG_3131 copia

_MG_3132 copia

_MG_3133 copia

_MG_3135 copia

_MG_3137 copia

_MG_3138 copia

_MG_3139 copia

_MG_3141 copia

_MG_3143 copia

_MG_3144 copia

_MG_3145 copia

_MG_3148 copia

_MG_3149 copia

_MG_3152 copia

_MG_3153 copia

_MG_3160 copia

_MG_3165 copia

_MG_3159 copia

_MG_3161 copia

Basics of tuning, style and drifting

Hi readers.

Yesterday while talking to my mate about drifting and the style of some of the cars I though it would be a nice idea to write a post about it, so I am doing it.

I am gonna focus on the !street style! or the low-budget drifting, in Spain people tend to use BMW for drifting ”because japanese cars are quite expensive” In fact they are due to the drifting trend, but obviously it is not the same drifting in a BMW than a Skyline 32, or Silvia’s.

The Street Style is quite different to the cars you can see in D1 Grand Prix or the Formula D, drivers focus more in the mechanics but some of them give a nice touch to the exterior of the cars. If you are a big fan of Drift Tengoku you will see lots of these cars.


                                                         (In picture: Nissan 200SX by Kids Heart)

Another thing that you should take note, is that you need to make something different from the rest of the cars, you get that by giving your personal touch, something that you though and the rest didnt.


Stickers, wheels, aero selection are very helpful, I kinda like new cars that have wheels from the 90s decade, or the usual S14 with 15” meshies. Also an 200SX with a BN Sports kit with chromy stickers, thats awesome too.

BUT! BUT! Making a good car is not all about style and originality, it is also about being real, not using fake parts. My mate was in a Honda meeting and told me some of the cars were cool, but they sucked because they had fake parts, you cannot feel the ”spirit” or the car. When you see an 90s styled R32 with Impul rims you can almost feel the 90s on it, that is what I am meaning.


Also the car is seen very different from using fake parts to real parts, specially with wheels. You can recognise it! Cheapness its not matched with style.


Now I am sure you are thinking; but this costs a lot of money, right? Yes, it does, but that is the way to have something good. I always say that If you want to make something good, work for it, if you don’t have money then don’t try building a car with fake parts.

Mechanics are also very important, but its not necessary to have a 2JZ with 3000hp down the hood, that is just useless since you try to control the car than doing a good drift.


Tobidasa Night’s. At Mie-Ken

So, last satuday I decided to joint a car meeting with my friend Shota from Nara street team. I had the pleasure to be part of that team. We are based in Kansai area, specially in Nara so I am probably the only one living in Kyoto and being part of a Nara team by the way. I left Kyoto around 7.30pm and I took the shortest way to the reach the place where I meet Shota and I friend who drive a Infinite G37, then we moved to the car meeting spot located somewhere in a highway in Mie-ken prefecture. As usual there were a bunch of car fanatics and as you may well know, Kansai area is about stance, USDM and Hellaflush. I took pictures of many car that were at the events, but I specially focus on those cars I like it.

_MG_3074 copia

_MG_3063 copia _MG_3065 copia

This one was one of the most admired cars in the meeting, a USDM Infinity G37. Left hand drive car driving on Work Wheels. Is not usual to spot USDM car in Japan if they are not Hot Rod’s or Muscle Cars.

_MG_3078 copia

Roadster are still alive in the country in case you don’t know, they maybe not the most popular car over here but many people love them and I have to say I like them a lot and they are so fast and also fun to drive.

_MG_3068 copia

_MG_3073 copia

Another surprise to me was to find that Mini Cooper S GP Works rocking BBS. The yellow headlight just make the car look superb.

_MG_3072 copia

_MG_3069 copia

You maybe not used to spot the Toyota Vitz sedan in car meeting’s. But the Vitz’s/Yaris is the sedan version of the Toyota daily city car and here there is one on a superb stance. I
This particular car is becoming very popular in the region and telling you the truth I like so much when people choose rare cars as a project cars.

_MG_3081 copia

_MG_3083 copia

_MG_3066 copia

Such an spot. A Top Secret body-kit in that awesome Toyota Supra. Was very annoying to see how people didn’t even care much about standing in front of a Top Secret Supra, but you then say to yourself; well this may happened because this is Japan and nothing is special enough.

_MG_3084 copia

Here are a couple of examples about the Honda culture. And those are different cars.

_MG_3103 copia

About the the Honda culture… what to say. No, definitely. Is not everything about Kanjo Race Car’s. In fact many Civic’s are built under the stance culture and many of them are EK9. This one above had detached spoiler, rear lip and fitted with a B20, and yes the VIN was a real EK9.

_MG_3086 copia

_MG_3090 copia

_MG_3091 copia

_MG_3093 copia

_MG_3061 copia

_MG_3060 copia

_MG_3095 copia

_MG_3098 copia

_MG_3101 copia

_MG_3102 copia

_MG_3104 copia

_MG_3105 copia

_MG_3106 copia

_MG_3107 copia

_MG_3108 copia

_MG_3109 copia

_MG_3067 copia

_MG_3087 copia

No more to say every time I go to a japanese car meeting a have a surprise. Maybe because the people I met, maybe because the cars I found, sometimes only because the experiences I have driving the japanese roads. See you in the next meeting.

Scale Models at the Toyota Historical Garage

Inside the Toyota Historical Garage there are some other ways to spend than only admire classic cars from all eras. You can also admire scale models, from 1:43 to 1:8. There many, several, thousands of them.

IMG_2534 copia

IMG_2536 copia

IMG_2538 copia

IMG_2541 copia

_MG_2588 copia

_MG_2582 copia

_MG_2583 copia

The are european cars, american cars and an spectacular collection of japanese models. Here is just a bunch of examples, I really just prefer that you go and visit and try to spend a couple of hours visiting and taking your time.

_MG_2584 copia

_MG_2590 copia

_MG_2589 copia

I specially liked this one. Trampio livery for the AE86.

_MG_2591 copia

_MG_2592 copia

_MG_2601 copia

Bluebird vs Carina

Is probably truth that in the early ’70s maybe Datsun/Nissan was probably the most successful car manufacturer talking in development and real performance cars. Specially thanks to the well known Skyline GTR. From Hakosuka to Kenmeri.

But under that high spec coupes, and also not forgetting the hyper performance car produced by Mazda with the Cosmo 110S as maximum expression of design and performance from Mazda and Toyota with the 2000, apart of those high spec coupes, the people of the seventies were already demanding less powerful and probably, as main problem, less expensive coupe cars. The boom for the joy of car in the country was about to start in the follow years.

_MG_2553 copia

The way that Toyota and Datsun/Nissan used to save cost was very easy and clever. By producing sedan, coupe and wagon version the development of a car become cheaper effective and more affordable for the buyer of that time.

_MG_2555 copia

Is very obvious that the Toyota Carina coupe is not as popular as the Bluebird. Not now and not even at the time the were for sale, maybe also the design of the Bluebird was more sporty and beautiful but that also from everyone’s point of view.

But the followed evolutions of Toyota Carina were and are quite popular between the Kyusha fans and car builders. Specially the versions A40 and A50.

_MG_2554 copia

What happened was that Datsun put so bigger effort into getting the Bluebird much popular, the Bluebird’s were racing in Japan and also in America (were the Bluebird was sold under the badge 510), taking victories and making sportier version of the common Bluebird.

_MG_2549 copia

Today the 510 is such a good looking car and swapping an SR20DET you know is a very good way to power this small coupe created more than 40 years ago.

_MG_2550 copia

_MG_2551 copia

_MG_2552 copia

カーランド AE86 Special Shop

When I was told about a workshop specialized in only AE86 I was a little surprised. But the it just took me about 10 minutes to find some information in internet to know where to go. Carland is not to far from home, maybe just about 10 kilometers so I decided to have a walk.

_MG_1686 copia

When I finally arrived there this photo was the first I see with my eyes, so astonished. You don’t just to see so many AE86 all them together. Don’t even imagine that even here in Japan these old Corolla’s and Trueno’s are all around the streets. Old cars are very difficult to spot in the cities.

_MG_1685 copia

Most of the AE86 in the shop are dressed as usual, panda style body paint and Watanabe’s. Those cars have special buyers, they aren’t cheap, but they are clean and restored until the last corner. So you can imagine that any boy looking for a project is not looking for that kind of AE86.

_MG_1687 copia

_MG_1721 copia

_MG_1689 copia

_MG_1708 copia

_MG_1720 copia

_MG_1717 copia

_MG_1707 copia

_MG_1730 copia

_MG_1709 copia

Reaching almost the 3 millions of Yen this Red Sprinter Trueno had only 15.000km in its clock. Probably very difficult to find another Sprinter with such a low mileage at any place.

_MG_1725 copia

_MG_1733 copia

_MG_1692 copia

_MG_1701 copia

This levin was probably my favorite. Volk TE37’s and coupe version.

_MG_1734 copia

_MG_1700 copia

_MG_1691 copia

They were shooting some cars for some advertising and as cars are ready to be sold.  So I had the opportunity to heard them running.

_MG_1715 copia

_MG_1695 copia

The workshop is so small, but the level of experience and the attention to the detail in this AE86 specialist is so high.

IMG_1745 copia

This corner is like the waiting room. Some cars still waiting for a new life, new paint and of course a super update to be able to use it as daily driven everyday if you want.

_MG_1711 copia

As said before the panda style body paint and the Watanabe’s are the common. I am sure many Initial D fans around their 30’s are so glad driving them.

_MG_1713 copia

That special Home Van make me laugh, this shop is in love with the AE86 that anything related to the Levin is welcome here.


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